Zooo Android Debug Helper

Brand new ADB Log viewer and Filter for android developer.

▶ High performance brand new log filter Log Puss
▶ Exploring files in mobile phone File Explorer
▶ Showing and editing android properties Property Manager
▶ Monitoring results of ADB execution Cmd Catcher
▶ Screen Capture Tool Capture Owl

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Features you'll love

Super-Fast Log Filter

- Zooo log filter pases log files rapidly (1.2 sec for 21MB log)
- Main, System, Event, Kernel, Radio log catch and filtering.
- Save and restore bookmarks and memos of log files you checked.


- Support multiple file opening as tab.
- PID, TID Filter, Changing case-sensitivity
- Save recent filtering keywords
- 4 word highlights
- Search words, correcting log timeline
- Croping log file


No installation needed (Supports Windows 32bit / 64bit)
Don't type long adb commnad for your debugging.

Discover Zooo

Zooo improves your debugging quality by reducing issue analysis time. Zooo solves many problems of existing log filters. Zooo has a wealth of features to enhance developer productivity.

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Do more and more with Zooo


Brand new logcat viewer

ADB Main, System, Event, Kernel, Radio log catch and filtering.
Saves and restores bookmarks and memos, supports 4 word high-lights.

Log Cat Filter

  • Main, System, Event, Kernel, Radio log catch and filtering. (Kernel log needs rooting.)
  • Filter option to distinguish between uppercase and lowercase.
  • Bookmark Setting - Setting: Ctrl+F2, Next Bookmark : F4, Previous Bookmark : F3
  • 'GO' Button (Shortcut: Ctrl+G) : Enter the line number or time, to move to the location.
  • Can enter the memo.
  • Auto-save note and bookmarks set.
  • Display to full screen (F11)
  • Support four kinds of highlights color.
  • PID filter that can filter by Process ID
  • TID filter that can filter by Thread ID
  • Log Crop(Can cut only necessary part).
  • Searching words - Searching : Ctrl + F, Next seaching : F6, Previous seaching : F5
  • Save Recent Searches, save recent files.
  • (Especially, in case of Kernel Logs) If the time is not accurate, the time correction function that can be collectively control the time.
  • "Add Show / Hide Filter" menu by right-clicking in the list
  • Can change the size of the upper left Memo / Bookmark display
  • Getting Useful

  • Combine : combile 2 different log files in timeline order
  • Crop : cut and save logfile
  • Type > User Defined : you can get logs with your own log command
  • Shortcuts

  • Ctrl+F2 : Set/Release Bookmark
  • F3 : Previous bookmark
  • F4 : Next bookmark
  • Ctrl+F : Find
  • F5 : Find previous
  • F6 : Find next
  • F11 : Full screen mode
  • Ctrl+G : Go to line or time
  • Ctrl+W : Close tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+W : Close all tabs
  • Ctrl+Alt+W : Close other tabs
  • Phone file explorer looks like file explorer

    Display Android device file stuctures. You can push / pull files.

    File Explorer

  • Display files of mobile phone like a file explorer
  • Can push files by drag&drop from Window Explorer.
  • Pull / push / delete possible to select multiple files
  • It does not work to read sub one level depth when checking Fast Mode.
  • Cat Button : Shows text file directly.
  • View Button : See files(e.g. pictures) instantly.(Pull file and execute)
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    Property Manager

    Shows Android Property at a look. Searching / Comparing / Adding and Edting.

    Property Manager

  • Easy to read and set properties of mobile phone.
  • Be compared by loading separate left / right screen on the device.
  • Searching property of Name/Value.
  • Add/Remove property.
  • Save/Load property.
  • Specific property that can changes after rooting.
  • Cmd Catcher & Process State

    Executes adb.exe commands and display its result on the screen. You can check all result of command easily which is scrolled or executed repeatly. Process States shows all process list in system, and you can read process information and even kill it.

    Command Catcher

  • To view capture the results of ADB
  • Can check the results by entering a command from the adb
      (Ex) Type 'shell ps mediaserver' and press execute, you can confirm mediaserver's pid.
  • Press the repeat button, you can check the status by running the command repeatedly
      (Ex) Enter the 'shell dumpsys meminfo 2053', and is set to repeat 1 second, check the memory information of the process of 2053 pid every second.
  • Command has not been terminated as adb shell will not be run normally.
      Be sure to execute the command that can be terminated.
  • Read the list of Process from the right Process State window, and outputs the status of each process
  • Process State

  • Refresh : Refresh 'ps'
  • Status : Status 'cat /proc/[PID]/status'
  • MemInfo : Memory Information 'dumpsys meminfo [PID]'
  • Stat : Statistics 'cat /proc/[PID]/stat'
  • Maps : Memory Map 'cat /proc/[PID]/maps'
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    Screen Capture

    Enables to capture screen and save it. You can also input touch and key event.

    Screen Capture Tool

  • Capture and save device's screen. Input touch event and key event via keyboard & mouse.
  • Screen Capture : read / save / copy to clipboard of adb device
  • Touch input : Clicking screen. Support swiping
  • Text input
  • Needs rooting above M OS.
  • launch

    Launch Zooo Log filter

    You can launch program without installation.

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    • 1
      Download & Unzip

      Download program file and unzip.

    • 2
      Execute Zooo.exe

      Find Zooo.exe and execute it. You can make desktop shortcut if you need.

    • 3
      Register or Use shareware

      Buy a license or use as shareware. This software can be used freely as shareware. Shareware has 2 hours time limitation and some features.

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    Useful tips


    Purchase License

    ※ Shareware is free.

    10 COPY 10% off +1 more
      10% Off. $45.00 × 10
      Additional license: 1EA
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I try before I buy?

    You can use as shareware. Register software as shareware on first exetion. You can register your license always.

    What's the difference of licensed version?

    No time limitation(2 hours). No advertisement. Additional features.

    Download Now

    Latest version: 2.1.2020 (2020-10-18)

    Available for Windows 32 and 64bit. Rapidiously visualize optimal ROI rather than enterprise-wide methods of empowerment.

    *Works on Windows 7 above, 32bit and 64bit.

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